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Alt 09.07.2007, 18:29   #1
Avatar von siebelink1
MFA-plus golf 5

Hello everybody,
Is it possible to activate all of the special functions through the vw dealer or has somebody on the forum to do it with special equipment ?
I mean spiegelabsenkung and the telefone menu would really interested me .
The pictures of the mfa are included in a pdf file. (seems to be a problem to upload the pdf-file )I'll try it later but for now :

Thanks in advance from holland from pascal
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Alt 09.07.2007, 18:37   #2
Avatar von biSheep
AW: MFA-plus golf 5

These functions are non cluster functions.

All of these items are only displayed in the cluster's menu, there origin is the corresponding control module (CCM or Central electric).
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Alt 09.07.2007, 19:26   #3
Avatar von siebelink1
AW: MFA-plus golf 5

But i'll have automatic mirrors and original telefone .
Must it be recode then or what must i do?
Thanks in advance from pascal
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Alt 22.08.2007, 20:09   #4
AW: MFA-plus golf 5


Ich kann dir leider keine PN schicken, deshalb auf diesenm Wege:
Ich hab mal ne Frage an dich, was ist denn MFA XP?
Wenn ich auf den Link in deiner SIg klicke, sagt er mir kein Zugriff...

Klingt aber sehr interessant
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Alt 22.08.2007, 21:51   #5
Avatar von siebelink1
AW: MFA-plus golf 5

It's an pdf file so you must have installed adobe acrobat reader !
Greetz pascal
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Alt 22.08.2007, 22:11   #6
Avatar von enta
AW: MFA-plus golf 5

Hey pascal

I thought everyone from the netherlands is speaking german
I went there a few years ago, it was absolutely fun. Very nice people there.
This year i propably go to den haag to collect some infos for our company.

Where in the netherland you are living?
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Alt 22.08.2007, 22:56   #7
Avatar von siebelink1
AW: MFA-plus golf 5

cuijk it's a small town 25km from nijmegen
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