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Ich bin neu hier Willkommen im r32-club. Hier kannst Du Dich vorstellen.

Alt 17.06.2017, 13:22   #1
New member from Oman..

Hello everyone,

I'm new here, not a German speakers unfortunately, but a German car fanatic for sure, especially VW.

To start with, I come from Oman (middle east) where car modding is a challenge. Usually I pay the same price for the parts as I pay for shipping. We have to import all modification parts personally. Takes time and $$$$

I've owned few VW's and now I'm with two, MK6 GTI and MK4 R32.

The car was almost stock when I bought it. It had Bilstein Coilovers and an air intake, that's all. My aim is to make it a weekend show car.

So far:
- Accuair E-Level Air suspension sysyem
- Fifteen52 Tarac 18x8.5
- Alphamale valvetronic exhaust (too loud)
- Dieselgeek short shifter
- Blackforest Industries gearknob.

Alphamale Exhaust installation:

Accuair E-level installation:

First shoot with the new wheels Fifteen52 Tarmac:

And my GTI

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Alt 17.06.2017, 14:37   #2
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AW: New member from Oman..

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Alt 17.06.2017, 15:37   #3
AW: New member from Oman..

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Thanks alot man
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Alt 17.06.2017, 15:52   #4
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AW: New member from Oman..

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Alt 17.06.2017, 16:04   #5
Avatar von Hansdampf
AW: New member from Oman..

Welcome to R32-Club.de Best club worldwide.

Nice cars and very nice pics. Good luck for your weekend showcar project. Keep us updated.

Edit: I'll delete your other post, because it's a duplicate.
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Alt 17.06.2017, 18:29   #6
AW: New member from Oman..

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Alt 17.06.2017, 18:32   #7
Avatar von Pe-Ter
AW: New member from Oman..

herzlich willkommen im forum
schönes auto viel spass damit
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Alt 17.06.2017, 18:43   #8
Avatar von Jaque101
AW: New member from Oman..

Nice R32
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Alt 17.06.2017, 18:46   #9
Avatar von coolhard
AW: New member from Oman..

I think the driver seat is a liitle bit down seated
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Alt 17.06.2017, 18:56   #10
der .:Rens
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AW: New member from Oman..

Fancy cars & fancy pictures
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Alt 17.06.2017, 19:09   #11
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AW: New member from Oman..

to the club ! Hope you'll have a great time here ...
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Alt 18.06.2017, 20:42   #12
Avatar von crs
AW: New member from Oman..


Looks like you visited Simon Motorsport for the Alphamale Exhaust system. He is very known here in germany for his YouTube Channel.

Have a good time in this forum!
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Alt 18.06.2017, 20:53   #13
Avatar von HennoX
AW: New member from Oman..

I thought so too.
And the rims too.

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Alt 20.06.2017, 00:20   #14
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AW: New member from Oman..

Herzlich Willkommen!
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Alt 20.06.2017, 07:40   #15
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AW: New member from Oman..


Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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