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Alt 16.06.2005, 12:27   #1
HGP-turbo anyone..??

I'm looking for owners of HGP biturbo equipped R32's.
Would like to know what you think of the result?

Greetings- Wiberg.
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Alt 14.07.2005, 15:52   #2
AW: HGP-turbo anyone..??

The R32 HGP-Turbo is really powerful! Stage 1 with about 360 PS makes the run from 0-100 in under 5 seconds. But unfortunately HGP is too expensive. I don`t know if the money hurts you but I can give you an adress in Germany / Hamburg where you can order a (in my opinion) better, cheaper and easier to install Turbokit. This Turbokit will bring your R32 up to 380 PS (Stage 1). Or you order directly Stage 2 with 450 PS.
If you need more information please contact me via "private Nachrichten"
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