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R32 Probleme/Fehler/Defekte Probleme mit dem R? Postet hier, vielleicht kann euch geholfen werden :)

Alt 14.01.2011, 14:31   #1
dsg transmission problem

I have Golf 4 R32 with DSG transmission
vag-?om showed error Fault code 17085 - Transm. Control Module Range/Perfomance (SAE) or Control Module Defective (VAG) P0701 - 003 - Mechanical Failure Control Module
Part Number: 02E 300 046 E
Component and/or Version: GSG DSG 0507
Software Coding: 0000020
Work Shop Code: WSC 44551
and “PRNDS” light flashing

Two weeks before the incident, the car was in repair shop for oilservice in the gearbox. The repairman said that after the oil change it's nessesary to reflash the ECU. I think he downloaded the wrong firmware, because Golf 4 R32 DSG is a very rare car in Russia .
How can I check the correct firmware?
Thanks for any help
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Alt 14.01.2011, 14:47   #2
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AW: dsg transmission problem

Dont get me wrong dude, but could you introduce yourself ?

I've seen you're registered quiet a long time but never introduced yourself...

Anyway welcome...

In regards to your problem, it sounds like the Mechatronic has gone mad...
Dont think they flashed it, probably a reset.
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Alt 14.01.2011, 15:12   #3
R32 Paddy
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AW: dsg transmission problem

Look here :


I Hope you can read this German Shit
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Alt 14.01.2011, 22:15   #4
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AW: dsg transmission problem

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The repairman said that after the oil change it's nessesary to reflash the ECU.
That's not correct. However it should be reset to the default values/basic settings. Are you sure that the correct oil was used?
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Alt 26.02.2015, 14:54   #5
AW: dsg transmission problem

™B®embo™, did you sort this issue?
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17085 - transm. control module range/performance (sae) or control module defective (vag)

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