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Ich bin neu hier Willkommen im r32-club. Hier kannst Du Dich vorstellen.

Alt 15.03.2005, 09:40   #1
hello from switzerland + somes modif inside :0))

Hello from switzerland, Geneva, I am 31 years old, have a silver R32... very happy with this "wonderbar" car.... One of my friends living in Arizona had last week send me some news products for my R... That s very very incredible, that R is a NEW R 32... that s what I was expected... and it s whas what were missing from the original parts...

well here is my modifications:


here is the graph (not of my car but... you will see and really feel the difference:

and one quick shift and reduction shift "competiton - 40% (no image=

and the last modi is a CDA BMC ( pic is not of my car..)

here is the price that my friends give me.... it is by bank transfert... very sercurising.

less cost for "zoll"

>STS & SHIFT PACKAGE: $ 210.00

if you are interessted... let me know by privat message...

I am very very happy with all the mods.... hotly recommended...!
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