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Alt 16.02.2005, 09:03   #1
HELP?! Ripples on the front bumper???

I have a question for You R32 drivers out there in Germany.

The R32-boys in the states (USA) are experiencing some problems with their frontbumpers. There seem to be some "ripples" just around the corner from the headlight towards the frontwheel. Where the plastic fender/bumper meets the chassis.
Anyone in here who has the same problem on a Eurospec R32...
-or is it only the USspec R32..??

Check out the pictures at this link:

Some of the guys have had their frontbumper replaced by VW under warrenty.

Please let me know what You come up with.
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Alt 16.02.2005, 22:52   #2
Avatar von ilu
AW: HELP?! Ripples on the front bumper???

Hi Wiberg,
I've never heard anythink about such "ripples". I'm owner of a Reflex Silver R, meanwhile 35000 (fast) kilometers and about 20 months old. The frontbomper is OK, except some taps by little stones.
Sorry for bad english :roll:
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Alt 17.02.2005, 08:53   #3
AW: HELP?! Ripples on the front bumper???


Thanks for answerring my request. I also own a reflexsilver R32 and I don't have these "ripples" either. Did you see the pictures in the link?

Everyone- Please write to me in German if You like. I can read and understand most of it, I just can't write back in German, sorry.

Vielen dank.
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Alt 17.02.2005, 18:17   #4
AW: HELP?! Ripples on the front bumper???

ich glaube im Ami-R32 ist ein anderes Fahrwerk drin.....
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Alt 17.02.2005, 22:52   #5
Avatar von vr-six
AW: HELP?! Ripples on the front bumper???

Zitat von ******
ich glaube im Ami-R32 ist ein anderes Fahrwerk drin.....
Das ist doch ein anderes Fahrwerk. Der ist ja auch nicht so tief wie unser R.
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Alt 18.02.2005, 18:12   #6
AW: HELP?! Ripples on the front bumper???

vr-six + ******-

The US-R32 is supplied with Monroe shocks and ordinary springs.

They dont even have the xenon headlights..??!! :?:

Americans are buying Eurospec suspension and HID (xenon) headlights when moddifying their .:R's.
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Alt 19.02.2005, 02:47   #7
AW: HELP?! Ripples on the front bumper???

hi wiberg
das ist ja a big shit das der R nicht so verkauft wird wie in good old germany. ich habe demnächst noch ein original german R fahrwerk zu verkaufen. wenn du interesse hast melde dich.
sorry, nix good english
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Alt 22.02.2005, 23:08   #8
AW: HELP?! Ripples on the front bumper???

If You want to sell the suspension, You can put it up for sale on www.vwvortex.com. I'm sure You can get it sold to an US-R owner.


You can hide, but You CANNOT run! .:R32 4 Life.
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