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Ich bin neu hier Willkommen im r32-club. Hier kannst Du Dich vorstellen.

Alt 17.04.2008, 20:12   #16
We are Six
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AW: (english) Hello... again. I have a video.

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Good to know is that this car just made a 3000km trip to one of the most crazy roads in the US and made the trip without one problem !!!
German engineering in da house

Those are not stickers, by the way.
We masked-off the shop-logos... the hood is made of carbon-fiber. Then painted it. Peeled-off the masking. Applied the clear-coat.
That's cool
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Alt 17.04.2008, 20:13   #17
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AW: (english) Hello... again. I have a video.

Guys u must come to Germany, there u can really get the kick on our Autobahn!
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Alt 17.04.2008, 20:28   #18
Avatar von R32Carsten
AW: (english) Hello... again. I have a video.

Nice car !
The video is realy great!

I drive the same TwinTurbo as you!I always smiling and happy when i
hear the sound of the engine and the exhaust

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Alt 17.04.2008, 20:35   #19
Avatar von maikiR32
AW: (english) Hello... again. I have a video.

Hi very nice R !!! hi looks very good!!! greets Maik
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Alt 21.01.2009, 08:49   #20
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AW: (english) Hello... again. I have a video.

Hi Ben, didn't know you're also in this forum :P
how are you man? As soon as you know that you'll come to Europa you gotta tell me the date, as we said you have to bring your blue .:R that we can race the Ring. :P

see you dude
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