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Ich bin neu hier Willkommen im r32-club. Hier kannst Du Dich vorstellen.

Alt 30.07.2004, 23:35   #1
Greetings from near Montabaur (WW)

Hi y'all

I just picked up my new R32 two days ago and what a blast it is!!

It is a Reflex Silver with leather US version R32....supposedly one of 4 that were imported to Germany and sold through the US VW distributer in Germany.

I already have over 300 miles on it and look forward to many more.

I can read German a bit, but writing is quite the challenge for me.

...so how do I find out about your next GTG in my area?

Scanning through this forum I noticed another person has a US version R32 up in Hannover area? ...and what is even stranger is that his name is Brad too! Yeiiiiiks! Two Brads with US R32s in Germany....kinda scarry eah!

If you pass me on the autobahn and I'm still poking along I'm just trying to stick to the "break in period" as specified in my owners manual... :oops:

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Alt 31.07.2004, 00:02   #2
AW: Greetings from near Montabaur (WW)

welcome ....hope you'll have a lot of fun...nice to have you being a part of our community (already wrote this in another thread ) ...i hope both of you (us R's) will be @ the next big r32 meeting
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Alt 31.07.2004, 01:11   #3
Avatar von editione_one
AW: Greetings from near Montabaur (WW)

Hello USA-R32, Brad,

warmly welcome to R32 forum.

You will still hopefully travel around some thousand miles in your R32 contently.
There probably are now 2 US-R32 in the forum.
In Japan some are also and in Australia is as I know, likewise a R32 driver.

By a school companion of my woman in Atlanta and by my employer, to a very big IT enterprise we have contacts in the USA.

Now still a lot of fun see you soon

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Alt 31.07.2004, 14:13   #4
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AW: Greetings from near Montabaur (WW)

have a nice time in Germany with the r32
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Alt 02.08.2004, 08:12   #5
AW: Greetings from near Montabaur (WW)

Hi, Brad!


Now, we are becoming more and more an international community!

Welcome and have fun here!

Hope to see u on one of our next meetings!

Take care
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Alt 05.08.2004, 17:08   #6
AW: Greetings from near Montabaur (WW)

Hey y'all,

How do I find the next R32 meeting, Treffen, Stamtisch, get-to-gether (GTG), BBQ or whatever you call it...?

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Alt 05.08.2004, 17:22   #7
AW: Greetings from near Montabaur (WW)

Welcome Brad!
Our next GTG will be at the "Grüne Hölle" aka Nürburgring!

At this Time there's no Thread about it in this Forum, but look here

Soon I'll generate a new Topic...maybe one of the others will do...

Have a lot of Fun!
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