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Alt 13.10.2007, 23:35   #1
Demon R32
Golf IV R32 DSG

Golf IV R32 DSG anybody got one with DSG gearbox ?

pro - cons about the gearbox

how do you make a launch with dsg ( like dropping the clutch in a manual ) ?

i am thinking about doing a convertion to dsg
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Alt 14.10.2007, 23:22   #2
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AW: Golf IV R32 DSG

Hi Demon

Might not be the best guy to ask since I have driven a R32 with DSG since last week, but managed to book 1500 km on the clock ! In spite of my lack of experience, I can tell u that:

I so far drove a Punto Turbo, Lancia Turbo, Fiat Coupe Turbo and before and Audi S3 Turbo, all of them where shifters. Some years ago, I test drove a TT with DSG. I thought it was just great!!! The gears are being switched incredibly fast and accurate. And the thing is, you got the choice! In case u wanna switch, u just do so with the paddles on the steering. They are of great quality and respond perfectly! It is a bit like in Really Cars where they switch gears with a ring behind the steering wheel. Left flap goes down, and right up. You have a D mode, with which you can drive very economically. Reaching 47, you will be in 6th gear at around 1100 revs! S Mode is preety much sport! Gears will be switched at 6500 revs and it shifts dwon when falling below 3500 revs (approx.). You wouldnt use this in daily business but its great fun when needed! Same with the launch control. Turn off ESP, step on the brake and simultenously step on the gas. Then revs will be around 3000 and let go of the brake and ur off!!

There are negative things though! U have no clutch! In manaul (paddles mode) the kick-down function still applies and the box shifts down in very high revs and it does then not automatically protects overreving by shifting up. Sometimes you feel like the respond is a bit delayed when changing the shifter into another mode.

I find the gear box is, beside the great engine, the reason to drive a R32! I love it so far and I would defintely buy it again although I was a true fan of shiftîng gears in my previous cars. Especially when using in town with heavy traffic it has a great advantage. Driving off at a stop is just perfect!

Hope this helps!
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Alt 31.10.2007, 14:07   #3
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AW: Golf IV R32 DSG

Hey Demon R32

Have u ever come back to check for answers? I wonder a bit, why starting a thread and not follow it up?

all the best
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