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Hey Leutz, wollte mal Bisschen Werbung fuer meinen Blog machen, hier mal das Konzept:

Hi everyone,

It’s about a year ago that we, Yves, Bob and myself, discovered a blog called « Artpants ». The idea behind this blog is that its contributors, Will Roegge and Linhbergh Nguyen, have to shoot and post one picture each day for 365 days straight (which unfortunately they didn’t manage to keep up in the end). Now, this is by no means the only blog like that out there, nor is it the first of its kind, but it’s the first that we came across.

And since we share that passion for photography, the idea of reproducing this concept has grown on us lately. So, in order to not just post random snaps each day, we’ll try to have themes for certain days, weeks or even months to make it somewhat challenging! Hopefully, we’ll achieve our goal and have at least one picture for you each day of 2011, starting on January 1st. So, to make this a little easier, it would be great to have your support. We’re thankful for each and every visitor and if you like what you see, you’re free to leave us a comment every now and then in our daily blog.



Es hat sich eigentlich jetzt so entwickelt dass ich noch so ziemlich der einzige bin der postet. Werde einfach versuchen jeden Tag den dazugehoerigen Link zu posten.

Fange mal heut an, die Tage davor koennt ihr euch mal anschauen.


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